About L&T Engineering

L&T Precision Engineering, Inc was founded in 1988 by leading experts of Silicon Valley's machining, assembling and manufacturing companies.

L&T provides three basic services: Fabrication, Engineering Assistance, and Assembly.

    L&T is a unique and progressive company in the engineering and manufacturing services industry. Over the pass decades, L&T has worked very hard to grow internally, from a new larger facility, to additional employees and equipment. Since our inception, L&T has invested heavily to provide our customers with a complete set of solutions to their various manufacturing needs. Delivering complete customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, centered in our willingness to go the extra mile in all aspects of our service based business.

    At L&T we are doing our best to provide a "one stop solution" for all our customers in the manufacturing needs.

L&T Precision Engineering - A Commitment to Excellence


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